memorial garden

trinity memorial garden and columbaria

The Trinity Memorial Garden and Columbaria were dedicated to the glory of God on June 21, 2015. This ministry grew from the dreams of member servant leaders Patty Gerberding, Carol and Craig Moleski, Jim Henninger, Dorothy Myrick, Ron Van Buren and Julie Dzubay.

The garden is located just outside the sanctuary as a beautiful and holy place to remember that we are the communion of saints. Death shall not end community, for by his death, Jesus overcame death, not just for himself but for all people.

All are welcome to make a purchase for the Columbaria and Memorial Wall.

The Memorial Wall is a wall in the garden designated for inscribing names and years of birth and death to memorialize loved ones, regardless of location of interment or inurnment.

The Scattering Garden is an area in the Memorial Garden designated for the scattering of cremation ashes.

The Columbarium is a beautifully constructed curved structure of granite containing “niches” in which cremains in urns are placed. Names and years of birth and death are inscribed on the granite face of each niche.

Raised Garden is a garden area raised by a retaining wall that contains “niches” in which ashes are placed. Names and years of birth and death are inscribed on the cap of the retaining wall of the raised garden bed.

frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of the Memorial Garden & Columbaria?

It provides a choice to stay connected to the community where we raised our families, much like the church cemeteries of our ancestors.

Do I have to be a member of Trinity to buy a niche?

No. We welcome community members, friends and families who desire a Christian inurnment, interment or memorialization. 

How do I purchase a niche?

Contact us to choose your niche. Flexible payment schedules are available; however, full payment is required before use.

Are there additional charges besides engravings, niches and urns?

The cost of cremation, which can be arranged with any of our area funeral homes.

When will I be able to visit the garden?

The garden is open year-round.

Is the Memorial Garden funded by the church?

Generous donations and the support of the church built the infrastructure and initial landscaping.

Whom should I contact to arrange an inurnment service?

Contact us to arrange for an inurnment worship service.