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“For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them”


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Trinity Small Groups 2023-24

You're invited…

If you haven’t been in a small group program this year, we encourage you to do so during Lent on Wednesday evenings. Called, From the Inside Out, the study is focused on spiritual formation and because it has to do with the inward aspects of our faith, it’s a good complement to our Lenten theme and has been well received by groups that have already worked through it. 

It’s a great way to journey together during the Lenten season. We hope you will join us!

Six Wednesdays beginning February 21

Grab dinner at 5pm and come to the Media Room:

5:15-5:30pm | Welcoming & Video (large group)
5:30-6:20pm | Small Group Time

From the inside out study materials:

From the Inside Out –
Discovering a deeper, more transformative life with God

This year’s small group study will be one that forms us From the Inside Out. It will be a unique small group experience dedicated to the inward journey of spiritual formation, which is an ongoing process of discovering how deeply loved we are by God. Through the study, you and your small group will become more aware of God’s presence, to discern the living God more easily in your lives and in the world.

With our busy lives, it’s become more challenging to find time to tend to our spiritual side. Whether we realize it or not, the world is constantly shaping us. Our faith is shaped through spiritual formation, which happens most fruitfully when we are intentional about tending to it. Through the process of spiritual formation, the Holy Spirit works in us to grow and renew our faith and to transform us, making us more and more like Christ, which is what God desires for us. You are invited to join a small group, gather your established group, or bring a new group together for this inspiring and unique six-week study, done at your group’s chosen pace, beginning mid-September. 

Watch for ways to sign up or contact Pastor Ann or Jill.

why join a small group?

We were all thankful for the stories exchanged and the camaraderie experienced. We discussed some of our greatest losses, faults, and shortcomings, but we also discussed some of our greatest memories, loves and experiences.