seeds of hope

Seeds of Hope Sponsorship - El Salvador

Many children served by the Lutheran Churches in El Salvador are unable to attend school due to the lack of money. With no money, with nothing to do, with no hope; the children are vulnerable to gangs, organized crime, drugs, and prostitution. Unlike in the United States, school in El Salvador are neither free nor mandatory. Entrance to school is limited to those who can afford to pay for proper uniforms, shoes, supplies, textbooks, fees, and transportation. Sponsorship donations go directly to families to assist in costs; making education possible for children who grow up in extreme poverty.

Since 2011, Trinity has partnered with Family of Christ Lutheran Church in Chanhassen, MN to support the Seeds of Hope Sponsorship program.  Individual members from Trinity sponsor 54 of the total 222 students in the program led by Family of Christ. Trinity’s annual summer mission trip to El Salvador provides the opportunity to connect with leaders, students, and families and to be in solidarity together.

To support Seeds of Hope, click here or text the word SEEDS to Trinity 952.473.8577. If you’re interested in sponsorship contact Jill Cornell