Welcome to Trinity, we’re glad you’re here! We hear all the time that the best thing about Trinity is the people and we agree. We are community for all ages and love spending time together in a myriad of ways. Worship is our
cornerstone and you are always welcome. See you at 9:00 a.m. Sundays in the Sanctuary.

We are an ELCA congregation.

What We Believe

We are church.
We are Lutheran.
We are church together.
We are church for the sake of the world.


Trinity’s mission as a caring and loving community of believers in Christ is to

Welcome All to Worship Joyfully,

Grow in Faith and

Serve Near and Far

In Jesus’ Name.

This means we are in motion as we gather, grow and go!


Our vision is to be a thriving community engaging all in their baptismal vocations. This means that a church truly thrives when it equips members for their callings. All who are baptized have roles to play at Trinity and in the world!


Our core values are:







These values keep us focused on God and taking God’s love to our neighbor!

"History is a story by the finger of God"

C.S. Lewis




Our Church’s formation began during a meeting in a Long Lake living room in 1932 with the kind of warm hospitality Trinity is still known for. It was spring during the Depression and money was scarce; so scarce that the Northwest Synod of the United Lutheran Church of America discontinued the area field missionary’s office. But that did not deter a group of believers who met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Blain. It was time, they said, to form a Lutheran Church, as the Methodists and Roman Catholics had already planted parishes in the area.

The charter members were go-getters, making door-to-door calls leading to the first worship service, on July 13, 1932, which was officiated by Reverend Carl Tambert. Train whistles could be heard as congregants gathered in the 100-plus-degree heat at the Odd Fellows Hall above Neilson Hardware Store in Long Lake. Despite the heat, and during picking season, 18 people gathered.

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The first high school ministry program, Luther League, started in 1937. Following a fire in the former location, the first worship was held on Thanksgiving Day 1939 in a new building, a former Methodist church purchased by 41 charter members and moved it to its new home, a donated piece of property just south of the railroad tracks. The total cost, including moving repairs and a new chimney, was $872 (plus two bottles of Scotch for the man who arranged temporary removal of telephone lines). The sermon was titled “The Church is One Foundation.”
In 1946, Trinity became a single parish with more than 60 members and newly called pastor Lloyd Zaudtke. The church continued to grow, so the congregants sold the old church. With proceeds and a warranty deed in-hand, Trinity broke ground in 1953 at our current site, 2060 County Road 6. 1956: Dar Vriesman becomes the new pastor. 1964-1968: Ronald Swenson accepts the call as pastor 1969-1989: The beloved Richard Erickson arrives, who will be Trinity’s longest-serving pastor. He leads the decade-long charge to complete the above-ground portion of the building, which includes additional spaces for education, worship, choirs and staff. 1972: Trinity Preschool opens with Betty Harstad as director. 1981: Robert Johnson is named as the first associate pastor. There are 703 confirmed and 979 baptized members. 1982: Trinity celebrates 50 years. 1994-1998: Steve Garland is called as senior pastor. 1998-2012: Kent Grosser becomes senior pastor, overseeing a 19,000-square-foot expansion that includes the Great Hall, classrooms and a kitchen. The interior of the Sanctuary is enhanced with large windows and an outdoor cross. In 2006, a groundbreaking celebration is held to celebrate the improvements. 2012-2020: Brian Fragodt becomes the new senior pastor. 2020: Pastor Fragodt announces his retirement and is replaced by Interim John Strommen. 2021: Adam Butler is called as senior pastor; Ann Fenlason is associate pastor. Today, our ministries continue with strong and savvy servant leadership and a devoted and talented staff. Thanks be to God for those who came before us, leading to the ministries of today, all while carrying on the Trinity tradition of wonderful hospitality, caring community, and service to others.

Today in Trinity’s history, we are especially thankful for:

  • Devoted pastors who work hard to help us know God
  • Willing listeners who take time to understand and counsel others

  • Dedicated music directors who lead singers and instrumentalists of all ages
  • Teachers with passion for our children and youth
  • Compassionate volunteers who tend to the needs of our local and global communities
  • Dependable assistants who usher, read Scripture lessons, serve communion and offer hospitality in myriad ways
  • Conscientious staff, committee and council members who help guide our future
  • Grateful givers who share both talents and treasures

"History is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself as less."

C.S. Lewis


Worship is foundational for Trinity and all Christians. Families gather together by God to remember who we are and whose we are. With God as the true host of this event, we experience God’s presence and leading through Word and sacrament, as we then respond with music, prayer and offering ourselves in service to God.

Sunday Worship | 9 a.m. | Trinity Sanctuary | Watch on YouTube

"Keep in mind that our community is not composed of these who are already saints, but of these who are trying to become saints. Therefore let us be exteremly patient with each other's faults and failures"

Mother Teresa

Prayer Requests

The Trinity community is a caring community in conversation with the living God. We encourage members and non-members to submit prayer requests. Our community will surround you in prayer. We believe in a God of love, healing and continual presence.

To submit a prayer request, contact Pastor Ann (952.473.8577 x113), or contact our Caring Ministry team.

Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7